Soulercise - Building Your Soul:

Naturally to be effective in soulercise, the exercise of building the soul, prior knowledge of your past life is not beneficial, rather a deep understanding of The Origins of Everything which is the power of love, is what will grow your soul. What you did in a past life has nothing to do with the direction of the future you choose. What you do with this very moment and the moments ahead determine the very survival and blossoming of your soul. "It's your walk that counts" -SOC.

Life on Earth is a wonderful place to build yourself in love, to enrich your soul. Indeed, the very opportunity to come back in a form and position that is even lowly and subject to evil, is the opportunity to build great power into your spirit as you conquer evil with love. It has nothing to do with what you did in your past lives. The present determines your future

It is strange that Christian's who clearly believe in reincarnation, which is embodied in the birth of Christ and spoken of repeatedly throughout the Bible, somehow seem to struggle with these concepts which are one and the same as what Christ allegedly taught.  Christians reaction to reincarnation when they believe Christ was reincarnated and to the concept of aliens when they believe in angels contradicts what they preach.

If we are not aware of and do not directly interact with the world around us and in particular come to the aid of our neighbors which clearly includes animals, then we loose out on the greater consciousness and thereby collapse our own individual consciousness. Martin Luther King, Jr. put it so aptly when he said: "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.", One has to ask how American's can't vote out their politicians, police and judges and shut down the private Federal Reserve Bank and US forces who kill millions of people every year, when one learns that the Catholic Church’s bankers control the US, perhaps the essence of Christianity and the reason the Roman’s designed the religion, becomes clear.

What we observe is the fact that there is a group of individuals, namely those associated with the bankers and the so-called New World Order, which is the Old World Oligarchy, who have actively sought to repress civilization.  They have gone out of their way to suppress evidence of reincarnation, of ancient humans and aliens on earth by censoring the media, hypnotizing the public with neuro linguistic programming and by literally drugging the public through the water and food supplies.  The NWO crew are literally now even spraying the public in populated areas with chemicals from the air, known as chemtrails. Hopefully, global consciousness can pressure Americans especially into an awareness of their obligation to rise up and oppose the bankers and those who have repeatedly destroyed civilization. The New Renaissance and Second Reformation are being driven by this great printing press called computers and the Internet.  The good news is that finally the message of truth can reach the masses.

Its time to get out there and grow your soul, opportunity abounds in stepping up and caring for the planet, especially the animals and nature which as a consequence of greed have been assaulted to the point of extinction.  Live in love, get active, grow your soul.