The Wonderful World of Water

  1. Water makes up 70 percent of the Earth's surface
  2. Water makes up around 80% of every living thing
  3. Unlike other substances, water expands when going to solid state and the solid form of water floats on the liquid form.
  4. The temperatures at which water boils and freezes are both higher than other molecules of similar size
  5. Water has a large heat capacity; it can take in a lot of heat without its temperature increasing much.  Water is an excellent coolant and keeps the climate temperate in costal regions since the ocean is slow to cool and heat up.


Scientists now estimate there are 440,000 memory cells in water molecules.

Positive and negative emotions of humans have the greatest influence on the structure of water.

Love increases waters stability and energy

“Water may be the single most malleable computer.” “The molecular structure is the alphabet of water.” - Rustum Roy, Professor of State University of Pennsylvania, Member of the International Academy of science

We not only pollute water physically, we pollute it spiritually.  Water adopts all of the malice, hatred and the stress of people around it. Most water we drink is almost dead by the time it enters our body.

Explosive Water


In 1932 scientists developed one of the most powerful bombs, the hydrogen bomb by splitting heavy water.  In the surrounding areas where they have tested hydrogen bombs, colossal changes occur in the structure of water for as long as 30 days.  People drinking the water are directly affected, for example, the number of suicides in the region rises abruptly after hydrogen bomb tests.

In April of 2004, a team of scientists led by Anders Nilsson from the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center presented evidence previously censored by the Catholic Church / NWO controlled media proving that water is more loosely bound than previously thought, in response to reactions to their findings, Nilsson commented "A lot of people have a very strong opinion about water”

Burning is a process of oxidation in which heat and light is emitted.  We accept the burning of H2C, or gasoline, as an every day fact, since the introduction of the automobile that is.  However, most people don’t realize that H2O also burns.  “The burning of natural water.  The water itself burns.  And the reason it burns is precisely because it is structured in a special way, natural water is.” – Professor Vladimir Voeikov, Doctor of Sciences, Professor of the Biology Faculty of The Moscow State University, Russia.

Fortunately, mankind has remained largely naive to this property of water, since with mans unquenchable greed, our planet would be dried up in no time and left dead like most other planets.  Furthermore, considering how people use oil based engines to destroy and pollute nature, image how much of the world greedy people could wipe out with engines that run on water.  Water caries life.  The fact that mankind has both the ability and propensity to wipe out the earth, does not detract politicians from rushing into war or scientists splitting atoms or attempting to make black holes.  Not even water can quench the greed and insanity of mankind, or can it?


Water Cleanses Blood, Our Bodies are Mostly Water


Blood is directly affected by water, as demonstrated by Dr. Perl Laperla, Immunologist, Nevada, USA.  The following image shows a subjects blood where the blood platelets are poorly formed and lumping together.  Twelve minuets after drinking pure energized water, the same patients blood is tested again, the blood platelets are clean smooth round and slippery and able to efficiently carry oxygen.
Blood before drinking pure water:

Blood 12 minuets after drinking pure water:

“I think that scientists should look more closely at water at how water interacts with their molecules.  At a molecular level it creates the structure of DNA.  We wouldn’t have the DNA helix without water. It creates the structure of proteins so our bodies would not work without water.” – Professor, Martin Chaplin, Laboratory Chief of London University, England
DNA’s Spiral Helix:

Prayer and Human Intent Influences the Structure of Water


8 Hz is the frequency of most prayers which corresponds to the frequency of the earth’s magnetic field.  A prayer said with love causes a harmonic structure in water.  “We now have some idea of how this happens through the structurization of water clusters, water molecules.  Therefore we can take some very good advice from this, to sit down at a table in a very good mood, and under no circumstances dine with cruel or aggressive minded people, because this will have a direct destructive effect on our health.” - Konstantin Korotkov, Doctor of Sciences , Professor Academican of The Russian Academy of Natural Science, Russia


In 1995 Dr. Emoto  Masaru, researcher Japan, scientifically studied musical impressions on water.  Subjecting water to different music he flash froze the water and compared the crystals that formed:


Dr. Emoto Masaru carried out an experiment where he placed rice in three beakers.
Each day he said “thank you” to the rice in the one beaker, “you are an idiot” to the second and the third beaker he ignored.  After a month the rice in the first beaker began to ferment giving off a pleasant odor, the rice went black in beaker that he told was an idiot and the rice in the beaker he ignored rotted.  Dr. Emoto Masaru points out how important it is in regard to children how we should take care of them, give them attention and converse with them.  Indifference he points out does the greatest harm

First Beaker after 1 month:

Second Beaker after 1 month:

Third beaker after one month:

“How a person handles water if he approaches the water with good thoughts or blesses it and says thank you to it, the quality of water will improve and the water will have a positive effect on the person and his body.”   Allois Gruber, Researcher Austria

“So therefore our actions every day are very important.  And our actions are related to nature, to the whole cosmos. So what one does, does not just affect themselves, it affects other people and it affects the whole universe.” – Professor Effe Chow , Member Executive Council on Alternative Medicine, USA.

We have totally indisputable evidence that prayer causes sick people to get better.” – Prof. Konstantin Korotkov, Dir. Sciences Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
The following image shows the structure of water before it was blessed:

Following the blessing of the water the structure completely changed:


Different religions prayers have different effects on water:


Emotions directly effect the water structure.  Hatred breaks the water down:

You can even call water an idiot and science shows how the water reacts:


“The water has a very important photographic memory, we can say that. And also you can imprint it with very subtle energies even from ten thousand kilometers.” – Professor Rustum Roy, State University of Pennsylvania, Member of the International Academy of Science


Water Proven To Even Read Words?

Even inscribing words on containers holding water has an impact on the structure of the water, love and gratitude together had the greatest impact on purifying the water.  The crystal structure formed after names influenced water is show in the next images. Perhaps the experimenter labeling the water jar is the one making the impact?  Or is it a deeper Universal resonance?:


Remote communication can occur between humans without the aid of any communication device other than their minds. In an experiment carried out on February 2005, Professor Vyacheslav Zvonnikov, Doctor of Medicine in Russia, demonstrated remote communication between two people 10,000 km apart with one subject in Moscow and the other in South America.  15 minuets before the two subjects started remote communications, there is no correlation between their brain patterns, As the two people communicate remotely, distinct correlation appears in each of their brain wave patters.  Professor Vyacheslav Zvonnikov, who carried out the experiments says “Most likely, and we do have a good deal of data to confirm this, liquids in the body also carry out a sort of information transmission function.”

Subject in Moscow:

Subject in South America:

Brain pattern showing strong correlation during remote communication: