How Did We Get Here?

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Religions have ruled mankind for centuries.  Belief systems that place some greater construct as overbearing originator and creator of ourselves and nature around us.  Even Atheism, itself a belief system and religion, proclaims the religion of nothingness and an accidental universe.  However, none of these belief systems at their root necessarily hold viable answers as to how we really got here. The issue is that we are indeed here, there is something not nothing. All are faced with the same problem and issue of explaining how we got here, how and why do we exist? The "how", however, has serious holes in most belief systems.

Jews, Muslims, Christians and other sects and branches of religion claim that God made us and the universe around us, however they leave us with the problem of “Who made God?”.

The Origin of Species Religion, or Darwinism, is every bit as much of a religion as Christianity, Muslim or Judaism, because it requires a non scientifically supported faith that contradicts the most fundamental and principle laws of the universe, namely Enthalpy and Entropy. Darwinism suggests that something comes out of nothing, that order comes out of chaos in complete contradiction of enthalpy and entropy, requiring a faith perhaps even more frivolous and foolish than what is required by Jews, Christians and Muslim’s.  Darwinism which claims nature evolved out of a primordial soup, like other religions, also struggles with the concept of “Who made the soup?”.

Buddhism, or Taoism, which attempt to describe nature and the world around us in a concept of everythingness or nothingness, have some interesting concepts, however, they too do not leave us with any answer as to “What is the meaning of life?”

Indeed, life up to this point has been, well, rather complicated.  Everyone seems to want to impose their belief system and ideals on everyone else.  Perhaps the most revealing factor of these ‘religions’ is that while claiming to know God or understand the universe, all the proponents of these beliefs are quick to seek contributions from their members.  If the people who claim to know God did indeed know this Great Creator of the Universe and everything around us, then why don’t they ask Him to make them gold and money.  If God made the universe then why can’t he create out of nothing a few loves of bread or a bank full of gold?  Someone who says they know God then hands round the collection plate or asks for funds, clearly is a liar, they don’t believe or practice what they preach.

Religion’s gig is up.  Just as in the Renaissance when Martin Luther translated the Bible from Latin to German and then later into English and Gutenberg’s printing press churned out affordable copies of the Bible in languages the people could understand to the masses, today, Internet is exposing the misconceptions and misnomers of fundamental religions and beliefs systems.  Clearly humans have walked the earth eons earlier than the seven or ten thousand years most religions or even Darwinism teaches.  The Paluxy river in Texas shows human footprints alongside dinosaur footprints half a million years ago.  While these tracks and timing support the most ancient writings and story from the Sumerian texts that suggests mankind was engineered by the Anunnaki to mine gold, the same dichotomy and void is left unanswered by these ancient stories in that if humans were engineered by the Anunnaki, then who made the Anunnaki?  The same construct and problem undermines even the most ancient of texts.
Looking at things the wrong way around.
The problem is perhaps that we are looking at things from the wrong way round.  All this time we have been attempting to explain as to how life and nature came about from matter.  How the “primordial soup” as it were, was formed into beings, whether by the act of God or chance.  This is, we proposed, the wrong way around.  Let us expound this construct.


Enthalpy & Entropy.

The good thing about science, generally, is that it’s not religion.  Faith from a scientific perspective is foolishness, unless one can absolutely prove the construct. From science’s perspective, having faith that the concrete floor will support your weight is all well and good if the calculations prove that the mass and forces exerted by your body weight under the influence of gravity is far less than the stress and load a certain thickness of concrete flooring can support.  Faith based on facts not some foolish and unproven belief.  Enthalpy and Entropy, the first to laws, not hypothesis of beliefs of thermodynamics, dictate that all systems (i.e. universes), tend to maximum randomness (entropy) and minimum energy (enthalpy).  In other words, you do not get something out of nothing and order does not come from chaos.  Enthalpy and Entropy annihilate Darwinism, as Darwin himself exclaimed that nature is vastly too complex to have happened by chance. 

If we were, for example, to park a Land Rover and a Porsche in a garage and leave them there for a billion or more years, a Hummer is not going to drive out, all you will have is a pile of rust and rotten plastic.  Suggesting a super car would drive out of the garage is preposterous and ridiculous, it’s simply stupid.  However, the simplest little bug running around is vastly more complex and intricate a design than any Hummer, Land Rover, Porsche or anything else that humans have engineered.

So how exactly could the limitation enthalpy and entropy impose be overcome?



Life itself in the human form has demonstrated the ability to overcome the forces of enthalpy and entropy.  The Hummer drives out of the garage under the influence of the creative force of human engineers.  Life in humans creates the energy and order out of chaos,

Take the computer, for example. Created by mankind we can employ arrays of computers to perform calculations on masses of data that our human brain itself is not capable of holding or performing.  While we certainly are nowhere near utilizing the full capacity of our brains, one can determine that there certainly from a physiological capacity and circuitry perspective, a maximum number of atoms and molecular registries in the neural network.  We humans can, and have, strung together our primitive silicon computers into arrays and networks that in their parallel computing form have effectively unlimited capacity, theoretically that is. Those intimately familiar with the architecture of computers understand that bus bandwidth and addressable memory space is limited by byte size and other capacity constraints, however, we have been consistently demonstrating exponential growth in these capacity limitations.  Extrapolating these capacity constraints, therefore suggests not necessarily an unlimited expansion, but certainly an expansion, capability and capacity well in excess of the maximum capacity and capability of the individual human brain.  Thus life in human form has demonstrated an ability to overcome the limitations enthalpy and entropy place on the universal construct.  Life itself, thus provides the driving ‘force’ that overcomes enthalpy and entropy, and life itself can thus be postulated as the creative force of the physical universe around us. What, we must therefore ask is life?

What is the force that creates life?


Energy, Time, Space, Matter

We live in a world of time, space, energy and matter.  Energy and matter we now know are interrelated.  Matter can be created purely from energy, in time and space.  Life we postulate is the driving force overcoming enthalpy and entropy providing the energy to produce matter.  What therefore is the force producing life that can exist outside of time and space?

Love itself is a force.  Love need not and does not necessary exist in a time space continuum.  Love simply is.  We postulate thus that love existing outside of time and space is the creative force that produces life.  “Love” for lack of a better word, we will loosely define as the positive force or momentum that attracts beneficial outcome.  Conversely, “evil”, for lack of a better word, is the negative force or momentum also existing outside of time and space that breaks down positive momentum.

“Love thy neighbor as thy self” encapsulates perfectly the construct of a positive moment or force that builds up the universe.  Greed, theft, self-centeredness, lack of concern of the goodwill of those and nature around is the essence of evil and the negative moment and force that breaks down the universe.

The Origin of Everything Thesis:  "Love manifests life manifests energy manifests matter, in time and space."

Understanding thus that we are the essence of life and love, manifest as souls in time and space within the physical continuum of the universe, we realize that our essence, our soul, actually also exists outside of time, space and this physical universe.  We are built out of love, love the creative force within us is everything that we are, we are thus in the old perspective ‘God’.


Contemplating Existence Outside of Time & Space.

When one realizes that we are living beings capable of implementing the very construct of love, the power of eternity embedded within our very being.  We are able to shed light, conversely we are just as able to bring darkness; love or evil. Love builds up evil breaks down.  Our very soul therefore feeds on what we are and what we do.  This existence in time and space is a garden in which we can grow our soul that has been planted here on this Earth in the universe in a moment in time.  However, clearly that life and love which makes up our essence, our soul, also, by definition, must exist outside of time and space.  Thus the question arises as to what is the Soul?


Light Out Of The Darkness And Void Of Space

Once nothing existed from a physical universe’s perspective, not even time or space.  Love formed because love simply is, it exists outside of time and space, a creative force that produced life.  Life thus is love.  Life thus overcame enthalpy and entropy and created a universe in time and space in which to frolic, to live, to love and enjoy, to simple be, beings.  Out of the darkness the light of life shone overcoming the void and giving bloom to the universe cutting out darkness.


Living In Love To Grow Our Soul

When one recognizes that our soul is eternal and that we have here in this garden on earth the ability to grow our soul, the essence and meaning of life is made real.  Life, short as it is in this instance and location of the universe, like the planting of a soul seed in a garden, gives rise to the opportunity to shine and bloom.  Is our walk on earth any different to a seed growing up in fertile soil and producing a thousand fold more plants, an abundance of life?  Just as some plants can be destructive to themselves and other plants, so too life in the human form can be positive or negative in the constructs of the universe around us. We can be full of love and grow, beings of light, or we can be evil and diminish back into nothingness and a dark meaningless void. Our walk in life thus determines how our soul grows.  It’s the walk that counts and determines the direction of the soul that inhabits our body. The means you use and choose determines the very essence of the soul that is you.

Live a life of light and love, shine on all fellow beings, all of nature and the universe around you.  Be civilized.  Oppose evil and cast out all forms of greed, malice and self-centeredness.  Because the life of the universe is not only built on love it expands on love.  Your soul exists outside of the time and space of this universe, take good care of it as your soul moves in and out of time and space.  Celebrate the light of life, love.