Western society has been deprived of what is well known in the East. Reincarnation evidence well exceeds any probability of not being real. What is astonishing is that our Western "Christian" society belittles irrefutable reincarnation evidence all while believing in a ridiculous fiction that has absolutely zero legitimate proof based on a primitive sacrificial construct that one can harm some other being in order to gain entry into some imaginary heaven. The juxtaposed position of reality when it comes to reincarnation is quite astonishing. It is only necessary to prove one case of reincarnation for proof, there are many solid cases. We reincarnate.

And as one should expect in any pure system, you past life should be hidden from you. If you knew who you were in a past life, then your opportunity to clean your walk, the proverbial "born again" option is not there.

There are many reincarnation proofs. What is interesting is how the people who have recollection of their past life react to it. Some move on in purity, others rush back in revenge. However, when one recognizes and accepts the scientifically proven fact of reincarnation, the essence of life takes a radical change. When you realize that other people cannot kill your soul, only you can, fear disappears and your ability to walk in progressive purity saves your soul. Love being the very construct of life, the essence of what brings about the creation of your soul, naturally also forms the essence of growth or destruction of your soul.

Evidence of Reincarnation

Numerous professionals have investigated reincarnation and revealed a significant body or research in this domain. Dr. Ian Stevenson, a Canadian biochemist and professor of psychiatry, investigated many reports of young children who had claimed to remember a past life with events that occurred during a previous life, ultimately conducting more than 2,500 case studies over the course of his lifetime and publishing twelve books. Stevenson undertook reincarnation research throughout the world, including North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.[1][2]

According to Stevenson, childhood memories ostensibly related to reincarnation normally occur between the ages of three and seven years then fade shortly afterwards. He compared the memories with reports of people known to the deceased, attempting to do so before any contact between the child and the deceased's family had occurred,[3] and searched for evidence that would disconfirm or that could provide alternative explanations for the reports aside from reincarnation.[4] Stevenson found that the vast majority of cases investigated involved people who had met some sort of violent or untimely death.[3][5]

Intriguingly, while some people reincarnate back into their original family bloodline, evidence shows that generally this is not the case. People reincarnate into completely different bloodlines. This raises a particularly intriguing perspective in regard to inheritance - even with reincarnation, you can not take any material possessions with you or leave anything for your next reincarnation.

Key Factors Utilized to Verify Reincarnation

Matching  Scars and Birthmarks

One of the most astounding pieces of physical evidence for reincarnation lies in scars and birthmarks on people that correspond to wounds on a deceased person’s body who’s life the person is intimately familiar with.  Medical records allow verification of the deceased person’s injuries.  According to Dr. Ian Stevenson, the leading authority on reincarnation research at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, some of the children have scar tissue too abnormally shaped and closely matching to the a past life with which they identify to be labeled purely coincidental. Examples of such marks include:

  1. scattered markings on a child’s chest that match with a shotgun blast to the victim’s chest
  2. scars on the exact area on the back of the head where the victim was knifed
  3. a boy born almost absent of fingers on one hand matching the described person’s amputated fingers

More examples of these findings along with photographs can be found in Dr. Stevenson’s book Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect

35 % of the subjects examined by Dr. Stevenson had birthmarks or birth defects, and in the majority of the cases, the marks corresponded with the corresponding injuries or illness of the deceased subject.  Medical documents confirming the correspondence were found in more than forty of the cases Stevenson examined. [6] See Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects.[7]


Xenoglossy - Speaking Foreign Languages

Known as “Xenoglossy”, it is the phenomenon in which a person is able to speak a language they never learned.  What is astonishing in cases such as the ones documented by Dr. Rmaster from Australia is that under hypnosis people who had only spoken and interacted in English throughout their entire lives, broke into fluent colloquial German and French talking intimately about their past life.  These individuals not only had no means of knowing how to speak the foreign language other than from a past life, they actually spoke with a colloquial accent from the very time and location of their past life.  Dr. Ramster in his studies sent researchers to look for the person these people referred to in history and verified their personal accounts.  Many cases exist, such as an only-Chinese speaking surgeon from China describing in fluent English her life experiences in 1850s San Francisco. In another example is an Australian woman describing her experience as a child in the Nazi Holocaust.

Unlearned Language: New Studies in Xenoglossy is a book entirely dedicated to the scientific study of xenoglossy.


Verified Personal Accounts

Literally thousands of children and fewer adults around the world recall detailed information about their past lives.  What is particularly interesting especially in regard to children, is that they would have no way whatsoever of knowing the details of the deceased persons life.

At the age of two, James Leininger fascinated his parents by recalling very specific information about aircraft, from the names of different war planes to the names of specific parts on the planes which he could not have known. His frequent nightmares of crashing his plane into a mountain would wake him up in panics. When James told his parents about his life as James M. Huston Jr., a fighter pilot killed in air combat along with the name of the ship he was on and names of his colleagues, his father researched the evidence.  To his surprise, he learned that James M. Huston was a fighter pilot shot down at the battle in Iwo Jima during the Second World War on the very ship his son James named.  When James Jr. was taken to Anne Barron, the sister of the dead pilot, she verified more of the boy’s details about her dead brother.  There is no way James could have know the details of his past life had he not lived it.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, along with other professionals document numerous accounts of children who recalled specific details of their past lives with far too much specific detail to be coincidental.  Gopal, a three year old boy from Delhi in India, spoke about living in a city called Mathura which was 160 miles from where he lived. Among other details, he claimed to have owned a medical company and was murdered by his brother. Research revealed that Sukh Shancharak the owner of a medical company was shot, the murder in that life was unresolved, Gopal however, came back in another life and revealed that Sukh's brother murdered him. The very fabric and construct of life takes on another important dimension when one realizes the essence and foundation of our souls. Everything you do is not forgotten or washed away with another person, man-god or animal sacrifice, but rather it is what makes up your very soul. Soulisim is life.

In Beirut, a young boy described in detail his past life of being a mechanic killed by being thrown from his car. The specific facts he provided, including his age and family members’ and friends’ names, which checked out to be true for his former life. He was even able to recall the exact location of the accident which took his life. There was no reason to suspect the boy ever came into contact with any information that lead him to specific knowledge of the accident. It is statistically improbable that these children could recall numerous specific facts of their past lives without having lived the life, and more far-fetched to believe that some alien spirit impersonates their former life and speaks through the 'newborn' simply to 'confuse' us.

Reincarnation is a scientifically proven fact. Why, we must ask, have these facts been denied us? Is it to give credence to governments who claim that some all-encompassing creator-god put them there, and thus that they are entitled to do the hell whatever they want, with 'sovereign immunity'? Father Christmas, Jesus' dad, fitting down a 12 cm chimney, is more believable than the Christian construct of Just Blaming Jesus to gaining a ticket to nirvana/heaven. Or is it some alien idiots who want to maintain mankind as slaves to mine gold? Regardless, what one must comprehend is that your soul lives past this life and many more. Everything you do is what makes up your soul. Others can harm your body and take this life, but they cannot harm your soul, only you, and you alone have power over your soul's destiny.


Past-Life Regression

Past-life regression is a hypnotic technique in which a hypnotized patient is guided by a series of questions into the vivid memory of their past lives. Patients often have vivid recollection of events as realistic as their current life memory.  Past-life regression is often prescribed to resolve people’s unexplainable phobias and problems. When people learn from their past life, in this life they are able to set aside the evil that happened to them in their last life. It is so important to comprehend that no one is able to harm your soul but yourself. You can be shot, murdered, deprived of all physical necessities (which in and of themselves are not necessities of your soul, but rather manifestations of the physical) and still grow beautifully in your spirit. Nothing and no one can impact your own soul but yourself, you alone hold the key. No god, other then the very construct of god which is love, can save your soul. Love is life.

According to regression psychotherapists such as Brian L. Weiss, M.D., recurring nightmares, anxiety attacks, and irrational phobias may be symptoms of disturbing past life experiences.  Often past-life regression uncovers issues and helps patients recover from their unexplained phobias.  When Dr. Ramster correlated specific investigatory evidence of some of his patients accounts of their past lives, he was able to identify the specific individuals in history whom they claimed to have lived in their past life. Astonishing details such as intricate designs on the floor of cabins, secret passage ways, how buildings looked hundreds of years ago, the names of all their family members and towns in which they lived, and details that are completely impossible to have come up with had the person not lived the past life, all provide irrefutable proof that we reincarnate. The grave before you is not your last one. Rise and rise again. Fear nothing but your own actions.

C-Live, love oppose evil.

See Dr. Stevenson's well known Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation which covers details of these reincarnation cases and Dr. Ramster's 'censored' documentary.