CLive's Origin of Everything
- Scientific Explanation

The Origins of Life, Energy, Matter and the Universe.
 Cosmological, Theological & Philosophical Belief

""Love manifests as consciousness, consciousness manifests as life, life overcomes enthalpy & entropy, creating order & energy, which is matter, in time & space. The universe & your consciousness, expands with love, & contracts with evil."
      - C-Live, Love, Oppose Evil. Dedicated to Richard & William.

Love is.
Love has no concept of time, place or frequency, it simply is, it always was and always will be.

Love is outside of time.
Love is the essence of life.
Love is life.

Life overcomes enthalpy and entropy manifesting order and energy.

Energy manifests as matter in a relative location at a frequency we call time.

Love builds life, evil breaks it down. The greater the love the greater the abundance of life.

The universe expands with love and contracts with evil.

Love itself is the creative force manifest through life from which energy and matter exists in time and space.

Perfect love is eternal.
Live, love, oppose evil.
Love life.
God is love.

By CLive,
dedicated to the love of his sons
Richard & William.

If the universe was created through a big-bang, where did the energy come from to make the big bang in the first place?  The hypotheses of life stemming from a primordial soup lacks an explanation as to how the primordial soup came into being in the first place.

If God created the universe and life in it, who created God? Or, perhaps we can ask the question: What is God?

The problem with scientific and theological explanations of the origins of species, energy, matter and the universe itself, is that they contradict the most fundamental scientific laws.  The lowest level science, the science of energy, otherwise known as "thermodynamics", provides laws, not hypothesis that help us define reality.

The first two laws of thermodynamics Entropy and Enthalpy dictate that all systems tend towards maximum randomness and minimum energy.

Darwin himself said that creation was vastly too complex to have happened by chance.  Entropy and Enthalpy dictate that it did not.  So how can we overcome the laws of science?

Take automobiles for example.  If we park a Porsche and a Landover in a garage for a billion years, will a Hummer drive out? Obviously not, however, that is what some of the origins of species hypotheses preposterously postulate, worse, even a lowly bug is vastly more complex than a Hummer.  How on earth could something as advanced as a human simply happen?  How can we overcome the limitations Enthalpy and Entropy place on evolution?

The answer is perhaps simpler than we might realize.  Who, or what, can we ask is the god of the automobile? Naturally, humans are the gods of automobiles.  Humans provide the intelligent creative life force to engineer automobiles and overcome the laws of enthalpy and entropy.

Problems With Darwinian Evolution
Darwin's Origin of Species Hypothesis suggests that evolution happens, that something is created out of nothing, that order comes out of chaos simply by 'chance' occurrences, however, this contradicts the laws of thermodynamics.

Problems With Calvinistic Trinity
The Calvinistic principle of God being a grey haired gentleman is not from the Bible, neither is the Trinity. In fact, the very construct of God is love is the essence of the message in the Bible, while there is no unitary singular God in the Bible, to the contrary the tree of knowledge and life is taken from man, lest man become like "us". The sons of God slept with the daughters of man and produced the Nephilim, the giants of old.

The Secret Is In The Bible
John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. [2] He was with God in the beginning.

1 John 1:5 This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all

1 John 4:7 Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. [8] Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

1 John 16 God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.

Despite not utilizing all of our brains, we are limited to certain feats, however, by utilizing computers we are able to accomplish tasks that our brains by themselves would not be able to accomplish.  Massive computations involving unimaginable amounts of data, for example, can be easily handled by super computers, however, our brain alone could not compute the results in as short a time as a computer can.  Another example is how computers designed by people are able to beat people in chess games. 

The life force in us helps us to evolve beyond our limitations. Life thus produces order and energy and overcomes entropy and enthalpy.  Energy, we now all know, can produce matter, the famous E=MC² (Energy = Mass x Constant squared)

Life itself, is thus able to produce, order, energy, matter and the universe itself.  This leaves us with the simple construct as to what produces life?

In the past, perhaps we were looking at things the wrong way.  We were trying to figure out how matter or energy produced life.  The answer is far simpler, it's the other way round, life itself produces energy and matter.

Some holy men, or shaman as they are sometimes known, can literally produce physical fire from thought, or as we saw in the previous examples, people are able to utilize knowledge to overcome enthalpy and entropy.  Mankind can create.  Life itself is the creative force.

So the question we must ask, is not how life came from energy and matter, but rather how energy and matter comes from life? Life we postulate is created from the construct of the "force of love".

Love itself is not a thing, it need not exist in time and space, love can simply exist.  Love is.  Love, a strong emotive force cannot be explained in terms of matter, however it can be explained in terms of energy.  Love itself establishes the energy which is the essence of life.  Love is the force through which life exists.  Life in turn, creates energy, matter and the universe around us. 

Life force can thus in and through itself, create energy.  Positive life force is created through love.  Evil produces negative life force.  Evil destroys.  Love builds.  The universe thus expands and contracts around us depending on the forces of love and evil.

Love we thus postulate is God. God is love.

CLive, Live, love, oppose evil.


Special Thanks to Daniel Sheehan for inspiring me to develop this thesis.  If 10% of the lawyers had 10% of the intelligence and integrity of Daniel, the Courts in the USA would be Courts of justice where the people could resolve disputes and obtain justice. Thanks Daniel! - CLive.

C-Live, Love Oppose Evil. Novus Ordo Seclorum.