The Origin of Everything

The Origins of Life, Energy, Matter and the Universe. A Cosmological, Theological & Philosophical Belief:

"Love manifests as consciousness, consciousness manifests as life, life overcomes enthalpy & entropy, creating order & energy, which is matter, in time & space. The universe & your consciousness, expands with love, & contracts with evil."
CLive. Live, Love Oppose Evil. Dedicated to Richard & William.

Your soul lives though time and manifests in human form to grow. Love grows your soul, evil destroys it. Everything you do is etched into the very essence of your soul. The past is past and no sacrifice or act can undo what is done. Walk in love.

"You are not here to save your soul, you already have eternal life, you are here to be saved by your soul. It is soul (soul's mind) that will integrate the lower mind. I live using my soul mind not the body mind. The soul Mind is eternal and leaves the body when the body dies. The body mind dies. The body mind does not think - it just has thoughts running through it." – Oracle

What is God?

- Your Eternal Soul

Central to Soulisim is the scientific fact that we can prove a number of people have reincarnated. This is no small issue, and one which deserves more than significant attention. All you need to do is prove that one person lived another life, that their soul, their essence, transposed beyond the grave from one body to a new one, and everything in the world and existence changes and reality takes on another form.

One of the most important facts hidden from Western society is the evidence of reincarnation. We can prove some people lived past lives, they reincarnated. Once you realize your soul is immortal and you reincarnate, everything changes. Quantum physics and communication are revealing astonishing factors relating to the synchronicity of life. Science show us that even waters composition and structure can be changed with love or hate. Quantum Communications proves the existence of signals that travel many times the speed of light, while Quantum Physics proves our mental capacity has the ability to physically impact matter and the results of scientific experiments.

You are the sum of your actions. Everything you do is imbedded in your soul. Study this fascinating field: Reincarnation - Reincarnation Documentary - Reincarnation References

What brought us to this point in time and space? This new age or Aquarius?

Where are we going and how are we going to get there?

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No sacrifice will undo what is done. You can't undo the past you can only make the future. Be pure, love from now on. Be. Everything you do is embedded in your soul, it is what you are. The essence of your soul is an embodiment of your acts. Live pure, love.

Religions teaching that you can throw virgins in volcanoes to appease the gods; rip out the heart of innocent bystanders to make the sun rise again on the third day; sacrifice animals to take the bad things you did away or hang a good-guy or man-god on a tree to pay 'sin debt' for a ticket to a nirvana called heaven; or commit murder and suicide to receive a reward of seventy two virgins in a far away nirvana, are all patently insane primitive and utterly illogical belief systems that have to rely on foolishness called "faith" to fulfill their ultimate goal which is to manipulate and control the masses.

Think very carefully about everything you do, because that is what you are and always will be. Your acts make up the essence of your soul. Your cannot undo what has been done. The means you choose determines your end.

What is Soulisim?

Soulisim forms the construct and essence of the age of Aquarius. Soulisim is not an organization nor a religion. There is no reason or need to sign up and join any movement to be a part of Soulisim, and no reason for the dogmatic preaching of these concepts. Soulisim simply is an examination and understanding of life. It is the essence and celebration of life, which is love. A way forward, a means to understand the very meaning of life, which is embodied in love and a teaching shared, to grow your soul. In this life and the next ones, in and out of the universe and time itself. Our souls are immortal. Soulisim is a celebration of the creation of nature through love.

Soulisim, utilizing modern science, thorough analysis, archeology and history, provides us an explanation of what’s really going on. Who, what and why we are.

Soulists Care and Embody Love

A soulist respects and loves all. We celebrate all life, color and light and oppose darkness and evil. Always willing to lend a hand to make the world a better place. A positive force that understands that the universe in which we exist is built on and founded on love manifest in life generating energy and matter in time and space. We are the sum of our acts.

The Wonderful News

Comprehend that from this moment on you can live! Every step from this moment on can grow your soul. You are where and what you are, that's a simple fact, what you are is what you did in the past, but what you will be is what you do from this moment on. Love and grow in love and everything will grow around you. Recognize that no matter what gets thrown at you in life, the darker the more the opportunity to grow your soul. It's a no-loose proposition once you comprehend life is love and our souls reincarnates. Do everything in love.

The Second Reformation

With the foundational claims and constructs of religions undermined with growing discoveries in science and archeology, people continue to ask the question as to what is the meaning of life? Clearly, faith in foolishness is futile. Why are we here? Soulisim offers some answers to these questions and exposes myths, fallacies and lies of the past.

After all the dogma and wars fought over religions, we learn that the deities we governed our belief systems around and the stories supporting them are nothing more than myths. Archeology proves mankind has walked the earth for hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions of years. Unable to prove the events documented in them, the Bible contradicts archeology and scientific facts

The Origin of Species Thesis itself contradicts what we know in science in the first two laws of Thermodynamics, enthalpy and entropy, which dictate that systems tend toward minimum energy and maximum randomness. You don't get something out of nothing or order out of chaos. Even the Big Bang hypothesis has been dispatched as we discover new galaxies that are too far out to explain the expanding universe thesis of the Big Bang, besides where did the energy come from to create the universe in the first place?

The New Renaissance.

The age of wars and depressions is rapidly coming to an end. The destroyers of civilization are exposed. Bankers, Kings, Queen's, Popes, Politicians and leaders on the world stage stand exposed by the light of truth. All see.

This New Renaissance, born out of the tree of knowledge brought to us in the form of an Internet that freely shares the truth, is dawning and ringing in an exciting and wonderful time on Earth, a new era of learning and discovery. Everywhere petty boundaries, borders and barriers are coming down and being exposed for what they are. Walls that divide us crumble and fall. Celebrating in the wonder of creation, nature brought forth in magnificent light. No person claiming sovereignty, no person is master, but together, we the people govern and manage our personal affairs, never intruding, but caring for our neighbor who includes animals, in love in this new age of Aquarius.

No leader but ourselves, we the people. The age of presidents, popes, kings, queens, fascist, racists and religious nut domination are done for, a thing of the past. To succeed, you, each one of you, must take responsibility for yourself and the environment around you. You are the government. This is Novus Ordo Seclorum, the New Order of the Ages.

The old ways and Old World Order that desperately attempts to mask itself and it's evil ways by calling itself the New World Order, is about to come to an end. Novus Ordo Seclorum, the glorious New Order of the Ages, bringing light to Earth and stripping sovereignty from those that would so foolishly attempt to proclaim themselves superior and master over other beings, is now.

The Origin of Everything shines in this glorious manifestation in the light of life which is love.

Celebrate life, love and live to build your soul. This is Soulisim, the way forward for this millennium of the mind. Mind over matter in form, beautiful, caring, recognizing and enjoying differences in the awesome color and spectrum of the universe. Finally mankind, acknowledging our order and place in this wonderful age, steps forward accepting full responsibility for caring for the earth and life all around us. Each and every soul is precious. Love your neighbor as yourself sums up the law.